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Corporate Mission
In today’s volatile and changing construction industry, the challenges facing the General Contractor are significant. This became even more evident with the introduction of energy efficient and ergonomically designed materials.  All for the benefit of YOU - the Consumer!

P&D Construction has been built on a reputation of trustworthiness and understanding.  In fact, we not only understand these critical issues, it is our ability to implement changes "on demand" that makes our customers come back again and again.  We treat every mansion.jpg (18477 bytes)project as if it were our own, so that the home or cottage that we were building or renovating   became an enjoyable experience from start to finish, all the while leaving our customers with the "homey" atmosphere that must be maintained throughout and long after the construction process begins and ends.

The evolution of our company has taken a number of turns over the years though, and while we are more than capable of building whatever type of structure you require, the demand from our unique customer base forced us to focus on one major type of construction.

Please check out the "Who We Are" Tab or  Click Here  and we will explain exactly what our construction focus is all about.

We also pride ourselves in being a part of the community we help construct and we try to offer our clients access to everything related to the construction process.   If there is something we have not covered in the web portal, you only need to contact us to get your questions answered.

We are looking forward to assisting you with whatever project you intend to undertake.  Big or Small, we take care of them all.

Please Contact Us If You Would Like To Visit Us At Our Next Cottage Life Show at the International Center in Toronto, Canada

Imagine sitting on your deck watching the sun set? 


That's what cottage life is about some times! Isn't it?

We really do try to make your cottage feel like home, or vice versa!

Come and Visit Us at The




8 fire Route 78, Buckhorn, On., K0L 1J0

(705) 657-9285

Jamie (705) 875-3540


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